Planting a seed is believing in the future, they say!
We believe that by growing plants, as well as ourselves today, we are investing in a kinder and more peaceful society in the future.
We come from a very green Country of 2 million inhabitants. It’s the same amount of people that speak our language. Some say we are small, we say "Limited edition". In the past, our grandparents fought hard for our Freedom. Today we are thankful for the place we can call our home, for the Land we own, and a chance to share the goods of it with you.
Our nature experiences both freezing cold winters and sizzling hot summers. These constant fluctuations have made our nature tough and resilient like our people. The soil on which we live is rich and fertile. 10% of our country are Bogs and peat we harvest is one of our biggest natural renewable resources.
Who are we?
Arturs, the Husband - 10 years working in peat extraction and processing company.
Liana, the Wife - Branding for 9 years.
Together we grow two kids, a lot of houseplants and this family business.
Growing plants and ourselves is our passion and challenge. We have all the knowledge and experience to make a product from heart to heart to make You and Your plants happier. At a professional-level and highest quality, but still personal and well-considered.
We can grow together. Give us a chance to show You our love for your plants!
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