Best Soil for Monstera

Best Soil for Monstera

Beautifully cut leaves, deep green, tropical-looking foliage, and easy-to-grow - all that characterizes this beautiful and modern house plant Monstera, also called split-leaf philodendron. It is one of the most attractive indoor plants, because it will fit into any interior and will be the center of attention. Read on to find out what it takes and how to choose the best soil for your Monstera to grow it strong and healthy.

What does Monstera need for living?

Warm indoor temperature between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, a pot - large and stable enough for the root system to grow, regular watering, pot with drainage, bright or filtered, indirect light is all that your Monstera plant wants. It just loves and grows significantly, if the soil is moist, aerated and well-draining. Note that the soil can not be soggy or overly wet, this will just cause a pack of problems, like root rot, pathogens, diseases and bacteria. Every indoor plant needs good air circulation in its roots system and using heavy and compact soil will stop root growth and block moisture from penetrating the soil.

Choose a professional-grade potting mix

When it comes to the annual replanting or just soil replenishment, it is worth choosing a potting mix, which will not only serve as an anchor, but will provide the necessary growth conditions for the roots of the houseplant. Potting soil should be porous, but water-retentive at the same time. If you truly care about your Monstera and other indoor plants at your home, choose a professional-grade potting mix instead of any other bag of soil.

Why choose For My Plants potting mix?

For My Plants is a family business, which combines the most valuable raw materials from the northern land with care, love and relentless work, has discovered the perfect potting mix for your most loved houseplants that will be delivered to your doorstep.

Only professional grade raw materials are used in this potting mix to ensure that the soil remains loose, aerated and well-drained from one repotting till the next.

Each component is important and plays an important role, which makes this soil mix so valuable and suitable for houseplants such as Monstera, Calathea, Philodendron, Alocasia, ZZ plant, Peperomia, Begonia and other foliage houseplants. The soil mix contains:

  • Sustainably harvested block peat (70%) - Safe and natural material, that is 100% free from weeds and any other contaminants and degrades much slower than regular milled peat.
  • Perlite (30%) - Non-toxic volcanic rock that gives our potting mix excellent drainage and perfect aeration.
  • pH6 - dolomite lime - Provides valuable nutrients like calcium and magnesium to plants and adjusts the pH level of the potting mix by raising it to match the plant’s needs.

As a bonus to all this, the mix is packed in an eco-friendly “vegan leather” bag, which, due to its functionality and aesthetic look, will be able to serve you for a long time, both as useful storage or interior object.

Give your plants the best potting mix and they will grow gratefully beautiful and healthy.


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